Pokemon Go-New Anti-Cheat Measures 寶可夢Go新機制防飛人

This new security measure targets only those accounts that have been previously been flagged during the 3rd party tracked ban wave

Quagsire vs Snorlax 冷門的沼王對上人氣卡比

With Water Gun/Earthquake (best moveset by far) or Mud Shot/Earthquake, Quasire is great at defeating common defenders like Flareon, Rhyhorn.........

《Pokémon GO》冒險週活動,「岩石系」寶可夢和道具大量出沒

《Pokémon GO》冒險週活動,「岩石系」寶可夢和道具大量出沒

《Pokémon GO》最新寶可夢巢穴及重生點總整理!(2017.5.21)

《Pokémon GO》最新寶可夢巢穴及重生點總整理!(2017.5.21)

Slowking vs Dragonite 呆呆王 vs 快龍

Slowking’s usual role is heavily dependent on his moveset and Gym defenders it faces.

How useful is Miltank?大奶罐只會喂奶嗎?

Miltank is actually pretty good. good stamina and great defense and good move pool, good attacker.

Niantic暗示Pokémon GO會在今年夏天引入神獸

Niantic CEO近日对外媒表示,今年夏天Pokémon GO会引入更多神兽,不止三圣鸟。这个夏天将会成为传奇!

Pokemon Go- How good is Pinsir? 大甲的能耐你知多少?

Exeggutor counter in the game. Can also deal large amounts of damage to the occasional Espeon, Alakazam, Meganium, etc.

Noctowl Underrated? 貓頭夜鷹被低估了?

Noctowl is a very tanky generalist prestiger and it packs a punch against Snorlax

Pokemon Go- Skarmory 盔甲鳥

Skarmory is another defensive specialist Pokemon, arguably even better than Steelix thanks to its Type (Steel/Flying).

Steelix is Awesome 大鋼蛇的威力不容小視

Steelix 大钢蛇  CP 1393 vs Dragonite 快龙 CP3530

Rock-types Pokemon Rarities 岩石系寶可夢出現率

There are some pokemon that aren't rock types that seem to have had their spawns increased as well such as slugma and pikachu.

Rock Event Kicked Off with a Swarm of Larvitar 大量小班吉拉出現?

Players discovered the ultra-rare Larvitar spawning along with other Rock-Type Pokemon

Which Candies Should Be Saved? 趁活動狂賺他們的糖果

There are currently some creatures in the game that do not have any further evolution but that will when more generations are added.

Top 3 Rock Type Pokemon 3大岩石系寶可夢

Most of Rock Type Pokemon have a secondary type.

The Strongest Steel type Pokemon 最強的鋼系寶可夢